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Apply for Donating or Receving

Donor and Donee

We are trying to do our best & if you find any discrepancy on the form or anything about this process, please contact us at  at 9482258768 or email us at


Thank you for considering to donate your products for Needy. We are sure everyone has items unused and tucked in some corner and there are many who would like to use it. 

Make sure you have all the details in Text Format with nice photos to represent items ready for donation.

These are the following conditions to be followed before you donate the items

1) Used Jerseys/Bibshorts to be cleaned well, folded, and packed.
2) Sizes and Gender needs to be mentioned clearly in the comments section while registering.
3) Clear Photos of all items to be donated need to be uploaded.
4) Don't Donate Cracked, Broken, Torn, Ripped unusable items.
5) A Happy Mind and Happy face before donating.

Please note that we won't receive any items directly to our office and all transactions to be done directly.

We won't entertain second sales on this portal as of now.


Dear Donee / Receiver , 

Thank you for reaching us. Make sure you have following ready before register. Please Note that we wont be helping you with any Finances

*List of items required with sizes (Maximum 3). 
*Strava link to check your performance.
*Any Reference from Cycling for us to cross Verify.
*A Copy of Your latest Photo. Passport as well as Cycling Photo.
*There is a cost you need to bare for items to reach you.

The Flow of this Application
Once you apply for certain products, we will go through the list of donors have listed and find any matching items required by you. Once we have found them, we check all your references and if found satisfactory, we will check with the donor if they have the products and then connect with you on this. We may require some proof that you are real while connecting you to a donor.

All the best for your future in Cycling

Donate and Receive: List
Donate and Receive: Pro Gallery
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